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Drawing is my way of making connections with the world. My sketchbooks function as a medium for understanding my experiences. I began drawing in them while in college, sketching professors, fellow students, and passersby.

My sketchbooks are written and visual journals, containing observations about daily life. I delight in drawing my meals for example - the colors and textures of foods and serving dishes can often be visual feasts as well. This has led to my eating some very cold dishes. These sketchbooks are worlds withing themselves; they are my intellectual and emotional journeys which the viewer can share.

In recent years I have concentrated on drawing with ink. After many years of making prints, which is quite process-oriented, I respond to the immediacy of drawing with ink: its wet, flowing quality, the seeming permanence of the marks, and the fact that a combinatio of lines and washes can be achieved with a single tool: a brush.

The musician drawings are done from observation, at concerts, usually in the dark. These are often my favorite images - "gesture" drawings in which I'm simply trying to capture the actions of the musicians. There's something I love about the combination of the human figure and the musical instrument, which often has a beautiful shape of its own.

artists whose work I love to look at:
sam szafran + paula rego + david hockney + lucian freud + tom phillips + rb kitaj + avigdor arikha + joyce treiman + feliks topolski + ben katchor + swoon + antonio lopez garcia + leonard baskin + alexander calder + william kentridge + winsor mccay



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